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5 Essentials for Your New Feline Family Member

Pet Wants WNY, NY - cat
  • 25 May 2017
  • Pet Wants

Bringing home a new cat is a very exciting experience. If you want to be sure that your new feline family member feels as welcome and comfortable as possible, having the following five cat essentials will help start this experience in an ideal way:

1. Carrier or Crate

Be sure to take a crate or carrier with you when you go to pick up your new cat. Not only will it provide your new kitty with a sense of security, but it’s also the best way to keep a cat safe on the road. If your new cat is initially reluctant to get in the carrier or crate, don’t panic. This is quite common, and your cat will get much more comfortable with just a little time. When it comes to selecting the right option, size is the top consideration. You can also put a towel or blanket in the carrier to make it nice and cozy.

2. Quality Food

Great food is just as important for kittens as it is for cats of any age. Since this is something that will impact your cat’s well-being on a daily basis, you want to ensure that the food you select has all the nutrients your cat needs. At Pet Wants, we use real ingredients to make all-natural food that’s enhanced with added vitamins and minerals. We understand the specific needs of cats at different stages of life, which is why we offer multiple food blends that are carefully optimized.

3. Litter Box

Your new cat will definitely appreciate you having a litter box for it to use. The good news is that unlike the challenges that often accompany potty training a puppy, getting a kitten to use a litter box is usually a pretty straightforward experience. And if the cat you’re bringing home is a little older, it’s almost guaranteed that it will start using the litter box without any prompting. Just remember to choose the right size of box for your cat. Also, there are different types of litter, so if you have any issues with your new feline family member, switching to a different style of litter will likely solve them.

4. Scratching Post

Unless you personally really like cat furniture, there’s no need to put it all over your home. What you do want is a solid post for your cat to scratch. The best scratching post designs include a spot on top where your cat can perch. Perching is something that cats really enjoy, which is why having this type of spot will keep your kitty very happy.

5. Grooming Tools and Collar

The last essentials you’ll want to get for your new cat are grooming tools, along with a collar. And if the cat you get isn’t already microchipped, having this simple procedure done is a smart way to ensure that if your cat ever strays too far from home, you’ll have the best chances of finding it.

By getting the right carrier or crate, great food, a litter box, scratching post, grooming tools and collar, you’ll be able to show your fantastic feline just how happy you are to have it in your home!

For more information on cats..and dogs or to try one of our nutritious formulas, please contact Pet Wants WNY at: (716)245-1378.